lil wayne raping on stage while interacting with the enviorment by bryan mazzo
lil wayne raping on stage while interacting with the enviorment by bryan mazzo

rg6.jpegpeople helping people who lost their life in a tragic event on 9/11/01-Deonte' Plant

the man tried to drive his truck through the water and got stuck
This is an example of human and environment interaction because streets and cafes are in the environment for people to use. by jill chambers

Pickup.jpgthis is an example of human and interaction because people are out picking up trash. by rishiaa turner(:

Russia and have student discuss how they fit into the three concepts of human/environment interactions.By shanterrius smith

Humans depend on the shanterrius smith

The 9/11 event is a Human/Environmental Interaction because people were killed in this devastating event but people also helped rescue people in it they risked their lives, and people will remember this for the rest of their lives.
Heather wachsteter


The Hurricane Katrina was a Human/Environmental Interaction because it changed many family lives , humans & animals.It also changed many people thoughts on being thoughtful towards one another. -Takia Price<3

kuril_islands.jpgthey traveled to the kuril island Russia .
This research project brought together an interdisciplinary team of American, Japanese, and Russian scholars and students to examine the 5,000-year history of human-environmental interactions along the Kuril Island chain in the northwest Pacific, between Kamchatka and Japan. by Rishiaaa turner (:


On January 12, 2010, a earthquake had struck Haiti killing 316,000 people . The earthquake left them devastated . It hurt them to see that their home and everything else destroyed . by keneatria james .