Examples of a place on the earth: upload a photo, then write a few sentences how the photo shows PLACE. To show a good view in the car,people, places,and every thing else.By shanterrius smith

Places are part of the Earth's surface. They can be large or small. Places usually have names and boundaries. Usually, they have unique physical and/or human-related properties. By shanterrius smith

Places have both human and physical characteristics, as well as shanterrius smith

grand_place_Image1.jpgthis is an image of the grand place located in downtown brussels, belgium .
In 1990 it was the year of Mozart and in 1994 the Tapis de Fleur celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Brussels.
by rishiaa turner (:

external image moz-screenshot-3.pngexternal image moz-screenshot-4.pnghaiti_hanna.jpg
The people in Haiti are still cleaning up from the tornado that destroyed there homes the place that they live in.
Heather wachsteter

Eiffel_Tower_at_Night_Paris_.jpgThis is an image of the Eiffel tower located on the champ de mars in Paris.
Bult in 1889, it was become both a global icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. By: fernanda orellana

index.jpegThis is one of the place of auditory of canada when some times we cannot enjoy where we can enjoy in picture or in tv . jessica p.